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Miami AdCo @ MACLEE Quarters Building
429 Lenox Ave, Miami Beach,
Florida, 33139, United States

We are Miami Ad Company; South Florida's world-class, award winning, digital agency who loves to design beautiful brands and ad campaigns. Continue to scroll below through our website for more information on our tailored services, who knows you may be interested in working with us.

Marketing Magic

Whether you need an extreme brand makeover, or a completly new concept, M.A.C. can create it.

Award-Winning Talent

M.A.C. is not a mom and pop graphic design factory. Elite world-class style is the standard.

Passionate Designs

Every project is completly different and unique from the previous one. Each design is personal.

Awesome Support

Visuals are only as good as the communication pipe-lines they are delivered on. Quality is #1.

Meet The Team

Each individual plays a crucial role in the management of the agency. All of their contributions are priceless, which makes them an invaluable asset. Meet the marketing agency consultants with Miami Advertising Company:

Doug Jordan

Marketing Director

Doug started an advertising career in the bustling borough of Manhattan, NYC; working for his father's successful marketing business. He got to know the demands of his clients from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Mr. Jordan, like many New Yorkers who love South Florida, decided to opt for a more climate friendly environment back in the 90's; and since, has worked with some of Miami's biggest brands, bringing his big city expertise and experience from the Big Apple to the Magic City, bienvenido a Miami!

Rachel Sandler

Creative Director

At just 5 years old she inquired about the arrow in the FedEx brand to her mother; it's no wonder now that she's a successful top university graduate of one of the Nation's best advertising bachelor programs and happy.

Mrs. Sandler is an artist at heart, however, her real talent shines in utilising her skills learnt from the Gators. Rachel directs talent and communicates realities between our designers with ease for the customer's desires.

Tyler Green

Lead Developer

Mr. Green is simply infatuated with getting barreled in code; he loves the analytical side of the magic. He's been surfing as long as the net's been around, and building websites and developing code since then too!

Tyler has held some pretty impressive job positions at some big names in the business; let alone his own side business and well accomplished and useful personal projects. We are proud to have him on the M.A.C. team.

Alex Waller

Lead Designer

Alex is a genius. It's pretty incredible, the stuff he creates, he is practically a one man design factory! It's pretty hard not to take advantage of his skills.

Mr. Waller is one of those kid prodigies that has mastered the art of design; it's in his blood, it's something he's been doing almost entirely all of his life.

Although M.A.C. has a team of designers, Alex leads the group through virtual meetings, while working in-house with our team at the M.A.C. office.

More About The Miami Advertising Company

M.A.C. Culture

Miami Beach, a.k.a. "South Beach," is coined "The 25/7 City; because, you'll need the extra hour!" There's actually more people here from the island where "the city never sleeps," than there seems from any of the other diverse multi-cultural ethnic regions.

Miami might be known for boasting a very "lax" and transient town to some. However, Miami Ad Company's experience comes from firmly rooted talent, raised in a bustling environment of always hustling for our clients first; and doing whatever it takes to get their messages across in the right light, even in this constant vacation environment..

5 Awards Won
21 Happy Customers
44 Completed Projects
3 Open Case Studies

Marketing Magic From print to web designs, Miami Ad Company promises to bring the best service!

Web Design

Developing websites has always been our first and primary passion, it's been the main focus of services since founding the agency in 2010.


Ads, branding, logos, and packaging; leave all that to M.A.C., Miami Ad Company promises to make your brand(s) stand out from the crowd.


Most of the Miami Advertising Company staff members have lots of print design experience and are photographers by hobby and trade.

Server Management

Hosting, server-side programming, and other miscellaneous information technology services are often needed if without in-house IT support.

Internet Analysis

Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and website analytics are some of the modern day's greatest assets of the online generation.

App & Game Design

Mobile phone apps, games, and mobile sites; internet software development opens the door of unlimited possibilities and revenue streams.

Recent News From the M.A.C. Blog

M.A.C. Work Check out Miami Ad Co's projects and you're sure to immediately fall in love.

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Illustration, Logo Design

Featured Clients

Miami Advertising Company works to create marketing magic for some of the world's biggest brands, along with a gamut of famous artists, bloggers, designers, developers, engineers, athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

Retainer Fees M.A.C. is very reasonable when it comes to agency pricing plans.


  • 50 hours of service rendering
  • 2 dedicated project managers
  • 1 dedicated client assistant
  • 1 design/development team
  • Prioritized Support
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  • 500 hours of service rendering
  • 3 dedicated project managers
  • 3 dedicated project assistants
  • 2 design/development teams
  • Prioritized Support
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So, now you're ready to let Miami Ad Co. make it rain?

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